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My Reason Why

Experienced Life Coach

Hello, I'm Stacey Dudley, Business & Life Strategist and founder of The Clarity Circle. I help Passionate Female Solopreneurs create a life they truly desire by adopting a problem solving attitude.   

At the start of my solopreneur journey 14 years ago, I struggled to overcome so many challenges whilst trying to build the life and business that I desired. Becoming a mum at the age of 18 to now having four children, I certainly faced some challenges. I realised that my mindset and self-worth had played a huge role in my ability to succeed without burnout. What I discovered about being a Female Solopreneur was that our beliefs around success in a career or business and what we as females are worth, as well as our vibrational frequency, all dictate how much success, money, abundance, and freedom we experience within our physical life.

I offer 1:1 coaching, group coaching, workshops, and retreats on Mindset, Business Strategy, and Law of Attraction.

As a business professional, I am on a continual journey of learning and self-development. I constantly invest in myself as a coach, adding more qualifications and experience to my business to provide you with the most up to date, knowledgable and practical skills you require to succeed in business. I work on an inspired approach - it's now or never ladies. You have to step into the women you're becoming. I will be there throughout your journey, holding space for you, guiding you, supporting you to up level your life and become a fabulous solopreneur.

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Trusted Life Coach

You can have the best business strategy in the world but without a CEO mindset and aligning your beliefs to your dreams and desire, you won't succeed for long.

Trust me… I know!!

Our thoughts, beliefs, and energy create our reality. Therefore, if you are holding onto any limiting beliefs around being a Successful "preneur", you will then struggle to create abundance.

I am a Certified Coach, Law of Attraction expert and hold many qualifications, continuing to upscale my knowledge to offer my clients the best outcomes. I am an avid crystal enthusiast, and the love for the life I now lead inspires my work to help others begin their journey of becoming soul-aligned to create a life they truly desire. 



What Clients Are Saying

I absolutely adore working with Stacey, her knowledge and skills are incredible. She is friendly and supportive whilst keeping you accountable for your goals. Within the first month of working with Stacey, my income had doubled 130% and my systems have streamlined.


I have been working with Stacey 121 for around 6 months now. I also attend lots of her training. I love how easy and straightforward Stacey makes things. She won’t always give you the answers you need, instead, she teaches you to look in yourself for the right answers and action you need to take at the right time for you to make it successful.
The membership group is on another level. Progressive learning. She is setting us up with the basics, building a strong foundation of knowledge while guiding us to start digging deeper to understand ourselves, wants and desires. It’s the start of a wonderful journey with amazing people. I am honoured to be part of it.


I’ve been a part of The Clarity Circle Group for a while now and it’s my go-to when I’m feeling like I need some positivity! There are always so many good resources and information for me to access with Stacey being there for any questions I may have. She provides the best tools for me to use in my daily life and I cannot wait to see what’s next!


1-1 coaching with Stacey was amazing, not just for myself and getting over my fears with life issues but she also gave me the support to move forward with my own Travel business, I’ve now got a great private travel group which is growing each day and with great confidence I’m now building the life of my dreams.. if anyone is thinking of the 1-1 coaching and wondering would it be worth it.. yes absolutely go for it, it has completely changed my life.


I watched one of Stacey's live videos about journal prompts and approached her straight away. within minutes she replied and sent the relevant things straight to me. The journals prompts have helped me so much over the last few days to clear my head and start a pathway for me to continue journaling. All I needed was a little nudge and this was just perfect for that. Thank you Stacey for taking the time to send them over and follow up how I am getting on with them.



The Clarity Circle

Founder and CEO

The Clarity Circle is a company that assists female solopreneurs to create soul-aligned success by facilitating mindset, the law of attraction and business strategy workshops, courses and 1:1 training. The Clarity Circle Ltd is a certified executive training provider delivering life coach-specific training globally.

I have built an amazing community of like-minded supportive women. If you would like to join us, click here