• Stacey Dudley

3 Tips for Overcoming Overwhelm (in record time)

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Below I wanted to share my essential tools and techniques for overcoming overwhelm. This is something I have been very open with recently. The reality that I hit overwhelm frequently, but now no longer spend much time there.

The conversation of overwhelm is something I hear from many ladies, creating balance and healthy boundaries are so important when creating the life you desire.

You have the power inside to become a fabulous solopreneur.

So, whenever the to do-list’s feel out of control, when you feel pulled in so many different directions and the flood of stressful, overwhelming emotions creep in, follow these 3 easy steps…

1 - Take a breath

Step away from the work, and breath deeply. (Inhale for four, Exhale for six)

Meditate for a few minutes, or go outside and just breath.

Reconnect with your body and the breath that moves you.

2-Brain dump everything

Get everything out of your head and onto a SINGLE piece of paper, instead of using one of your many journals. Notice the patterns emerge, Its not 1000 things happening, its 10 different areas with some sub tasks.

3- Pick one.

Choose ONE area from the list that is MOST important and ONE action from that area that moves your work and life forward.

Create time, space and momentum for that! Action creates momentum - Momentum allows us to raise our vibrations.

Overwhelm doesn’t have to rule your emotional state.

Knowledge is power when overwhelm creeps in.

Please share with me if you try my 3 steps to overcoming overwhelm.

Thank you for reading,

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