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6 Ways to Grow Your Audience to Be a Successful Solopreneur

Online businesses mean you need an online audience. Getting visibility and having people engage with your online business is getting harder, but don't despair! Below are my six tried and tested methods of growing your audience and landing more sales.

1. Utilise your social media

Write up a post for your personal Facebook/Instagram explaining what your business is about and what it involves. Ensure it's specific, showing your friends and family what you do within your business and explaining the type of client you cater for. Then ask your followers/friends to tag anyone they may know who could benefit from your services or who might be interested. Even though it may feel scary to showcase your business to the people you know, it can also be very beneficial as it can spark a surge of new followers and therefore, potential paying clients.

2. Be a guest on different platforms

Being a guest on other people's blogs or podcasts can be a great networking hack to engage with other people's followers. If you can get exposure in front of a new audience, this will give you chance to gain them as your audience and therefore expand your following. Providing a link to your social media or website on these bigger platforms will help your SEO ranking and also encourage people to check your accounts out quickly. Direct the followers who have listened or read your segment to your group. A free call with yourself or a free virtual offer is also very popular.

3. Set up a group on Facebook

If you haven't already - create a group on Facebook for your ideal clients to help them and communicate with them privately to your page. Even though this may be daunting, everyone starts somewhere and is a great way to build your community as your followers will be able to interact with each other and get free advice from yourself. To make sure your group is doing its job, set strict guidelines for followers to stick to so you can create a safe space for everyone. Ensure that they aren't being bombarded with sales posts or non-informative spam. I have step by step instructions on how to do this in my 1:1 VIP Coaching Package, Free From Fear - The Foundation for Solopreneur Success, find out more here

The Clarity Circle Ltd (

4. Create valuable content on your blog

Having a blog with content catered to your ideal client is essential when marketing to them. It provides you with a place to refer back to when helping a client. If you create a post about something a client is asking for help with, you can send them across the link to that post making it quick and easy for both of you. Blogging will show your clients how much content you have to offer and the knowledge that comes with it. It will give them freebies whilst building your brand visibility. Vlogging or Podcasting is the same concept if you don't enjoy writing.

5. Invest in yourself

There are so many coaches, group programmes and self-studies you can do that also offer 1:1 support when you need it. I know you may be reading this thinking "Of course, you'd recommend it, you're a life coach..." but trust me, I know what I have experienced and gained from doing the same and the right support can accelerate your business so much. On the plus side, mentors and coaches love to shout about their clients so you may get coverage on their platforms too.

6. Follow-ups

Making sure you keep in contact with clients or followers you have spoken to in the past is very important. Keep it short but address the situation that you previously spoke about and ask them if there is any way you can help or ask if they want to have a quick phone call to discuss and make it more personal.

There are more tools and techniques for growing your audience provided in my Facebook Group, The Clarity Circle – Mindset, Business Strategy, LOA for Solopreneurs. Inside this circle of trust are like-minded women who support each other with love and respect. Click here to join The Clarity Circle.

7. Level up your mindset

In my 1:1 VIP coaching course Free From Fear - The Foundation for Solopreneur Success, I guide you to stop playing small and level up as the feminine, empowered, and abundant solopreneur you are meant to be. There is a full and detailed module on growing your audience! I help you create a strong mindset paired with strategic business building and marketing strategies that are quick and easy to implement.

You can achieve anything you desire in life.

Thank you for reading this blog post! As a little gift from me, you can receive 20% off my 1:1 VIP Free From Fear Package with the code BLOG when clicking on the link provided above!

Sending love and positive vibes,

Stacey x

Founder & CEO of The Clarity Circle Ltd

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